A Letter to Her

To my dearest heart of my life, stimulating my nerves and spirit to walk through my life. maybe you will not notice this nonsense entry as you may not really care of this blog but i didn't care much. its my intention to just let this blog as a space for me to release my feeling, my emotion, my way of expressing my heart.

i miss you.

it is all what i have in mind. i know you may not feel the same. i dont know. the vibes in my heart always yours. every time. maybe i should be one of what people call "Love Giver". its not that im not happy with us. im happy. trust me. only god knows how much i love you. i once questioned my heart,

"why i love you, why i miss you"

although i've been given u my true heart's voice, i still feels that words, sentence, not enough to express my heart. maybe thats true a great poet said, "thats a lot of things that are not meant to be expressed with words and merely the action of how much i love you. i have done almost anything to show you my feelings. maybe its nothing in your eyes but i swear with the name of Allah the greatest, thats the best i can do as a man.

i wish i am a superman, flown u over the moon. being The Flash to reach u whenever u are, the spiderman to swing all over the city to avoid traffic jam for you and to be The Hulk, protecting u from anything.

but i cant.

i am sorry for being a lousy person, cant cheer u up every seconds.
i am sorry for being boring.

i am sorry for being who i am.
sorry for what i had done that results tears at your chin

im sorry for what i havent done which i need to do, and
i am sorry for what i will do in future which may hurt u.

i am just a normal guy. hoping to be the best for his gurl. to be the hero, the handsomest, bravest, wisest and all good things that end with -est.haha.. i am sorry. what i can promise is i will be me, loving you all my heart with all my strength. i hope my love once again bring smiles and big grin in u, everytime like old times.

"the touch of love will make everybody a poet". but i think im a terrible poet.hahaha...

pardon my english.. :P


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